Jason Sudeikis Receives Golden Globe For Apple TV+ And His Career

Jason Sudeikis
Jason Sudeikis

Jason Sudeikis just won his first-ever Golden Globe last night for his starring role in the series, Ted Lasso. The sports comedy show also lets the actor win the first Golden Globe for the show’s distributor, Apple TV+. Seeing this with a stun, he was lost for words at the beginning of his acceptance. The master of comedy also then came back from it and shared an anecdote about storytelling with his son. He also went on to say in his speech that he rejected the idea of who is the best actor and gave a solid reason for that. 

He is an executive producer and co-creator on this project. As an actor, he has been celebrated for this role in Ted Lasso. He has also been popularly nominated for the Writers Guild Of America, Screen Actors Guild as well as a Broadcast Film Critics Association. Jason Sudeikis made this show alongside Joe Kelly, Bill Lawrence, and Brendan Hunt. The other nominees in the category were Nicholas Hoult, Eugene Levy, Ramy Youssef as well as Cheadle. The latter of the two are past winners as well. 

Jason Sudeikis’s Acceptance Speech 

Jason Sudeikis was at first paralyzed for words. But then went on to say something about his life at home. He said that he was reading to Otis, his son, a story by Leo Tolstoy. The story is called “The Three Questions.” And he mentioned his son too had three questions— one of them is asking who was the “important one.” The actor noted that the “important one” is always the one “you’re with.” Hence, he added that he rejected this idea of being a “Best Actor.” 

Drawing from the story’s opinion, he said that in his “humble opinion,” the one he was acting with is the “best actor.” He also gave a “shout-out” to several people on the show. Saying that they made him better.