Stimulus Payment November 2023: What checks are coming during the last week of November?

Stimulus check update
Stimulus check update

Great news for people looking for some extra money during the holidays: The IRS (Internal Revenue Service) is sending money to three states: Virginia, Arizona, and Alabama. If you pay taxes in these states, watch out for these checks—they’ll arrive before the end of the month. These IRS checks are definitely coming, so keep an eye out. Even though the government stopped giving out extra money a few years ago when things got better after the pandemic, many Americans still need help. So, the IRS decided to keep giving help to Americans who regularly pay their taxes.

When are the IRS Stimulus payments coming? The IRS says they’ll start sending the money on November 30. After the government stopped giving out extra money, all other states in the country started their own programs to help people. The IRS continued to help, too. With prices going really high, many Americans found it hard to pay for things they need. So, the IRS is giving out more help now that the extra government money has stopped. This November, they’re sending checks that could be as much as $2,000 to people who pay taxes.

How did these checks become possible? When the states saw that the federal government wasn’t going to give more help, they each made their own plans to help Americans. For example, Alabama is going to give back $393 million in tax refunds from a big fund called the Education Trust Fund, which has $2.8 billion. Other states like New York, Georgia, and Florida are also giving different amounts of money to help people

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