2021 NATO Summit: President Biden Talks Tough


President Biden indulged in some plain-speak at the NATO summit as he urged foreign allies to stay away from people who thrive on separation and try to push through ‘phony populism.’ He stressed that democratic nations had to uphold the values of democratic principles and prove that autocracies cannot continue to thrive.

He stressed the need to uproot corruption and be on guard against elements who promote division and hatred for their narrow political gains. He said that world leaders had to commit to reinforcing institutions that stand for democratic values and ideals. That is the only way to substantiate that democracy could still prevail in spite of the challenges the world faces.

President Biden Warns Against ‘Phony Populism’ At NATO Summit

The president’s views came through as he began talks with European Union leaders Tuesday. He warned against ‘phony populism’ that was spreading all around.

President Biden was intense in his assertions as he interacted with correspondents in Brussels after the NATO summit, his first, after assuming office. He wants other members to repose their faith in the ability of the United States to lead the defense alliance.

The President was speaking ahead of the talks with the Russian premier, Vladimir Putin, and he is preparing passionately for it, say officials.

He quoted Yeats as he talked about the great strides made in technology, and the great strides in development around the world, that have brought great apprehension and disquiet. He was referring to the disastrous consequences of technological and economic changes.

He said that developments had brought forth pretenders and imposters who were out to gain from the situation. It had happened both in America and Europe. And the answer to that is a joint effort that would allow the democratic economies to prosper together.

He was scathing of former President Trump’s role in destabilizing NATO. In his tenure, Trump had insulted NATO allies and had sought to reduce American contribution to NATO’S budget. It had led to doubts about America’s commitment to the trans-Atlantic partnership.

He also spoke out against the attack on Capitol Hill by Trump’s supporters to destabilize the election results. But he said that America has gone through such difficult phases before and would come out of it.

President Biden reiterated his support of the collective defense clause, Article 5 which says that aggression against one NATO ally was an attack on the whole alliance. He was committed to addressing these issues with European leaders in Geneva before meeting Putin.

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