Javier Baez Makes One Of The Funniest Plays In MLB History

Javier Baez
Javier Baez

Javier Baez is also known as El Mago (or, The Magician). He showed once more the reason behind that nickname. On Thursday, the shortstop for the Chicago Cubs created havoc on the path of the bases. This resulted in his team scoring 2 runs. It was enough for the 5-3 victory against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Javier Baez’s Move Was Astonishingly Simple

David Ross, the manager, reiterated that it was nothing less than an act of magic. He said that Javier Baez just causes havoc. At the same time, there is almost no chance you can see the play ever again in MLB.

Willson Contreras, the catcher of the Cubs, was on 2nd base. The team had lost two hitters at third’s top. Javier Baez then came out and hit a normal ground ball in the direction of Erik Gonzalez, the baseman at third. Gonzalez threw the ball to Will Craig, at first base. He was a bit in front of the baseline but he caught the ball. Baez was facing him.

Baez later explained that his first instinct was to run full speed outside the baseline. But he saw that the ball came far earlier than he expected. His main aim was to let Willy score but they were two down.

So Javier Baez started moving back towards the home base and not get tagged. Craig, instead of just turning around and stepping on first base, chased him all the way to home base. Baez said that he is confident in improvisation and his fast reactions.

As Baez slowed down near the home base, Contreras came sprinting at full speed and dove to make it. Craig still could have run back at stepped on the plate to get the out. But he gave the ball to Michael Perez, the catcher. Craig made it home. Then, Baez who was still not out sprinted towards first which was uncovered. He made it and made it to second base as well. Later, he came home as well on a single by Ian Happ.  

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