Ron DeSantis Declares Biden And Trump Too Old To Run For President

Ron DeSantis

Ron DeSantis took a dig at the presidential front runners of both the Republicans and the Democrats regarding their advanced age. The Florida Gov. remarked both the present and the former president are past the age required for the top job in the US.

Ron DeSantis remarked that the top job was not for those pushing 80. The Republican is trailing in the primary even as Trump consolidates his position. The 45-year-old politician has been constantly trying to highlight his age, contrasting it with Trump’s, who is 77. President Biden turns 81 this week.

DeSantis said that Biden had proved that a president is not effective after they reach a certain age. And Trump was as vulnerable to Father Time, he said. The Republican maintains that his youthful age was a valuable asset. He pointed out that if Trump were to win in the coming presidential elections, he would be even older than Joe Biden was when he became the president in 2021.

Ron DeSantis Has Pointed Out That Trump in 2024 Will Be Older Than Biden Was in 2020

DeSantis has even compiled a list of Trump’s gaffes including the one where he confused President Biden with former President Obama. Age has become one of the major issues in the presidential race next year. Recently Trump questioned Biden’s mental capability and insulted the President during his campaign run.

Ron DeSantis has claimed that while the Democrats have so far not gone after Trump, that would change if he became the Republican candidate. He said that the 2024 presidential election will then transform into a vote on Trump. He said that Biden would ride out the storm and might even win if Trump were to contest against him. Ron DeSantis has been consistently on the road despite his declining popularity. He has appeared at 8 meetings in the past 2 days. He resumed the Iowa leg of his tour on Sunday.