Jay Williams Suggests Mike Krzyzewski Could Come Back From Retirement

jay williams
jay williams

Former Duke star Jay Williams has spoken of the possibility that Mike Krzyzewski, the former coach, could be back in the program the next year. This despite revealing clearly that this would be the last season he stayed as the head coach.

Jay Williams was speaking on an ESPN show and said that the major reason why Krzyzewski could be back from retirement was the risk of losing the number one recruiting class. This worry was triggered by the move by Nolan Smith, the assistant at Duke, to Louisville as an assistant in the ACC program. Nolan Smith stayed back and is in the position now to recruit for the Louisville Cardinals.

Jay Williams Believes Coach K Still Has Work Left

Jay Williams said that that was the reason he gave Coach K a fighting chance of returning to Duke. He said that Smith’s being at Louisville turned it into a recruiting battle and weakened the grip on the No. 1 class. So Jay Williams believes that the only way to reinforce that hold was by returning to the system.

Duke remains the No. 1 recruiting class in 2022, as revealed by Sports Illustrated All-American. Jay Williams believes that this rank could be altered if even one of the 6 commits changed their decision.

But it seems that Jon Scheyer, Coach K’s successor, did a great job of retaining recruits despite the retirement of the legendary coach. And despite what Jay Williams says, only time can tell if Krzyzewski will return from retirement. He has not given any recent indication of changing his mind on this matter.

Williams said that Smith was worthy to be the associate coach. Referring to his father, Derek Smith, whom he lost early, Jay Williams said that he deserved to return to his father’s home team. He said that Louisville was destined to be an amazing program by bringing in Smith as the associate coach.