White House Has President Biden’s Back On Fiery Speech Trashing Republicans

White House
White House

The White House has dismissed criticism of President Biden’s speech, contending that there was nothing political about sticking up for American democracy. President Biden yesterday tore into Trump and his band of followers saying much of what is happening in the US is not normal.

President Biden mention Trump and MAGA 16 times in his hard-hitting speech. He minced no words when he said that Trump and his henchmen, the MAGA Republicans represented a form of extremism that threatens that very the Republic to its foundations. The White House has backed his message that was delivered in unsparing tones.  

He reeled off one attack after another when he said that the MAGA Republicans do not respect the American Constitution. They did not recognize the will of the people and rejected the results of the 2020 presidential elections.

Around 52% of Republican Registered voters consider themselves part of the MAGA movement while 34% were against it. 14% of Republicans said they had no idea what it stood for. He said you cannot love your country only when you win.

White House Maintains Biden’s Speech Necessary Reminder Of The Danger That Democracy Faces In The US

The White House has said that President Biden’s force to his assertion was an essential reminder that the former president and his MAGA supporters are endangering democracy in the US.

At a COVID-19 relief plan meet, the President junked any notion that he had issues with the GOP or even with Trump’s supporters. He said that instead his attack was against anyone who encourages violence and also fails to denounce it. On Friday, Biden asserted that everything that Americans stand for rests on democracy. It was a gentler assertion of his stern message a day earlier.

The president’s speech was defended also by Karine Jean-Pierre, the press secretary at the White House. She said that President Biden was not being political when he in fact was standing up for democracy. She further said that denouncing violence in politics was not being political, now was defending freedom and rights.

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