Jayson Tatum Scores 51 Points Against 76ers In Game 7

jayson tatum
jayson tatum

On Sunday, Jayson Tatum of the Boston Celtics defeated the Philadelphia 76ers scoring 112-88. Jayson Tatum’s mind-blowing performance has secured the Boston Celtics for the NBA finals. The Celtics now have also qualified for the Eastern Conference finals.

Jayson created a record in the history of the NBA, by delivering 51 points in a Game 7. Just two weeks ago, Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors had set the record, scoring 50 points in a Game 7 outscoring the Sacramento Kings. Jason became the fifth player with 50-10-5 in a match in the history of the NBA. 

Marcus Smart, Boston Celtics guard has jokingly called Tatum’s performance similar to that of a movie. As per ESPN, Jayson has scored all 51 points against five defenders in the half-court, which includes him scoring 17 points against the 2023 NBA MVP, Sixer’s Joel Embiid.

Jayson Tatum Recalls Game 6 Performance 

Jayson Tatum had failed to perform well in Game 6, as he shot only 1 for 13 in the first three quarters. Jayson before Sunday’s Game 7 had stated that it was the chance for the Boston Celtics to recover from their last performance. After dominating Game 7, Jayson said that he was very excited to come out and play, he also recalled Game 6 and said that it was in his mind that he had played, and quoted a saying that it is only up from here. 

Tatum said that he was thinking too much in Game 6 and that he was too locked in and tight, thinking about how many points he must score which affected his performance. While he was far more free-minded and more himself in Game 7 and did not take the pressure resulting in his success.