Jed York Gave Approval To Frank Gore To Join 49ers

San Fransisco 49ers
San Fransisco 49ers

Frank Gore, the American footballer, shared his plan to call it a career and all of his fans are waiting for his next move. He worked with the San Francisco 49ers and signed them for a single-day contract where he was picked from the third draft in 2005. Currently, he is planning to get back in the front office of the NFL likely in the team where he had played for the last 10 NFL seasons.

Frank Gore Wishes To Be A Part Of 49ers Front Office 

In the words of Gore, he always wished to be a part of the 49ers and thus he clearly stated his mind with the CEO of the team and they are currently negotiating on that. He stated that afterward he and his agent will discuss being a part of the front office as he loves to spectate new talents and evaluate them. He even added that the 49ers are fully aware that a good football player can only identify raw and pure talents. 

As per sources, the CEO of 49ers Jed York liked his proposal and is considering him for the front office. As per Jed York, Frank Gore has always been close to him and their close bond did not break when he left the 49ers and joined Indy. After the announcement of Gore about his future career plans, York commented that he is a passionate player and thus, he will have an eye for new unrecognized talents. 

Frank Gore has a very long and prestigious NFL journey that lasted for almost 16 years. He still holds the record of the leading rusher in 49ers with a maximum of 11,073 yards on the solid ground. He is currently 38 years old and ranks 3rd in the history of the NFL with 16,000 rushing yards and Walter Payton and Emmitt Smith rank above him. He called 49ers his second home and stated that he would even do it for a single day.

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