La Brea: A Massive Sinkhole In The Heart Of Los Angeles Leading To A Primeval Land

La Brea

An enormous sinkhole that opens up in Los Angeles pulls in several characters and transports them to a primeval and mysterious land. Though La Brea, the series, isn’t bad, it has naturally led to comparison with Lost, the story of Oceania 815 that disappeared in the Pacific.

Many shows have tried to replicate the magic of Lost, and La Brea is the latest among them. But it only serves to remind us that Lost is tougher to imitate than it seems.

The drama opens on a typical rush hour traffic on Miracle Mile in Los Angeles. A sudden sinkhole opens up under the tar pits of La Brea. This huge opening pulls in vehicles, buildings, and dozens of individuals and whole families.

One-half of the Harris family is swallowed by the underground opening. Mom Eve, and her son Josh, fall into the void. Daughter Izzy and her estranged father Gavin struggle to find answers on the surface.

The movie then turns into a surreal tale of total strangers who together struggle to survive.

La Brea Draws Comparison With Lost

The comparison with ‘Lost’ is stated at the onset when slacker Scott makes the obvious comparison about being in an episode of ‘Lost.’

Since 2004, when Lost was first aired, there have been numerous attempts to replicate the series. But while Lost was content to dwell in the unknown, La Brea looks for and offers plenty by way of answers right at the end of the opening episode.

The main attraction of La Brea is that it turns weird rapidly. The image of the prehistoric vultures flying out into the sky over Los Angeles sets the mood.

La Brea relies on a bunch of mysteries and crises to keep the momentum going. One oddity leads to another and keeps the storyline going.

As of now, it appears La Brea is relying on its plot twists and lavish budget to keep the momentum going. But it will need more to retain the pace of the opening episode.