Larry Hogan Criticizes Ron DeSantis, For His Threats To Disney

Larry Hogan
Larry Hogan

Larry Hogan, the Governor of Maryland openly criticized Ron DeSantis, the Governor of Florida for his threats to Disney for sharing their views against his newly passed bill. In the words of Hogan, the entire situation resembles a crazy fight as DeSantis is criticizing Disney for expressing their view about his education bill which is also commonly known as the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill. 

Larry Hogan Expressed His Views On The Education Bill

Larry Hogan stated that Disney can say things like that as it falls under freedom of speech and added that he considers the bills to be absurd and that a bill like this will never be implemented in his state. Larry Hogan meant that being a politician he must have the power to take constructive criticisms and reviews which DeSantis could not. 

Disney was recently facing tremendous pressure from its workers and hence opposed the bill. This bill which has been passed as legislation instructs educational institutions to not discuss topics like gender identity and sexual orientation with the students till third grade. This bill was passed in March of this year. 

This legislation prevented the teachers from giving any instructions or information to children which portrays how conservative its nature is. The bill is officially known as ‘Parental Rights in Education’ and restricts all LGBTQ+ related instructions to children aged 5to 9 years.  

Under this law, guardians can sue schools for breaking any of the specified resolutions mentioned in the act. This bill was also called ‘hateful’ by President Joe Biden, who requested the people to be calm and assured the LGBTQ+ community that he will always be with them. 

DeSantis replied and stated that he can strip Disney from a special status with the help of which Disney operates like an independent government in a theme park near Orlando. This was an open threat to Disney which implied that he is not healthily taking their criticism.