Jeff Colhoun The American film director author and photographer

Jeff Colhoun is an American photographer, director and author who was recently celebrated and recognized in San Francisco, CA. He was chosen as an artist spotlight for his international work contribution, and charity advocacy. His efforts and diligence to raising awareness on behalf of humanitarian non-profits , organizations, and other meaningful projects has been monumental in both developmental and supplementary aid for charities that mean so much to so many…

Jeff Colhoun
Jeff Colhoun

As an artist, photographer, and cinematographer, Colhoun is dedicated to meaningful work and raising awareness for humanitarian causes. He actively collaborates with non profit organizations to help raise awareness of movements dedicated to positive global impact. With an active and engaged social media community, Colhoun sets a prime example for artists in regards to using one’s platform for social good. He has been an inspiration to many in showing how social media can be harnessed to magnify positive social impact online and in the real world. Colhoun actively mentors and cultivates stewardship with artistic youth communities, through scholarships, and programs. He continually cultivates creative community through volunteering, providing resources, aiding these causes monetarily.

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