Mena Suvari Comes Out to Using Meth After Childhood Sex Abuse Survival.

Mena Suvari
Mena Suvari

Mena Suvari, reveals that she was into the drug only because she was in pursuit of her survival. The actress opens out about her path to stardom and her struggle with drugs like meth. Mena Suvari comes out to people and tells that her addiction to drugs involved using meth, a drug she was first acquainted with on a vacation that she had gone to when she was nothing but a teen.

The actress from American Beauty claims that she was astonished out of her mind when she first encountered the drug. She felt that she would never come across the drug again. However, once she was back in L.A., she met a group of individuals, among which, one of her friends, brought it out again.

Mena Suvari Talks About Managing Drugs And Acting

Mena Suvari, who happened to be just a teen then, was just going into a normal routine after coping with the addiction when the drug resurfaced back in her life. She describes that time of her life as a phase where she was just pursuing a coping mechanism for surviving the incident of her rape by her older brother’s friend, which took place when Mena Suvari was just in sixth grade.

After the splitting of her family, the actress remembers hanging out increasingly more, attending raves and, being reckless, and trying drugs was a part of it. Suvari remembers meeting Tyler just before she turned 17. She claims that her relationship with Tyler over the span of three years was abusive both on a sexual and emotional level. Tyler did not like meth but had no issues with marijuana or other drugs. According to Mena Suvari, it was a blessing despite the abusive relationship. The blessing was cutting off from meth for the sake of Tyler. She recalls having done a number of other drugs during that period of time before finally turning to her acting career, and changing her life for the better.

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