Jeff Garlin Denies Being Removed By ABC From The Goldbergs: Talks Of Misbehavior On Floor

Jeff Garlin

The Goldbergs and Jeff Garlin are still together as a team after 9 seasons and that is an imposing feat for a network comedy series as it moves halfway through its night season on prime time. But things threatened to unravel when earlier this year patriarch Murray Goldberg in the series, Jeff Garlin, was rumored to have been fired.

The comedian and actor have opened up and addressed the issue of behavioral issues on the set. Allegations surfaced that employees had expressed reservation about his behavior on set, Jeff Garlin spoke with Vanity Fair and clarified about rumors of his parting ways with ABC and Sony. Jeff Garlin was emphatic that he had not been fired from The Goldbergs.

When later asked if he was trying to exit from the show, Jeff Garlin clarified that he wasn’t. he said that he was trying to come to a common ground of agreement. He said that there was more shooting to be done and he had a contract with Sony. He said that he will keep it the way his bosses at Sony wanted.

There Are Reports That Jeff Garlin Makes Certain People Uncomfortable With His Words, Gestures, And Behavior

The trouble stemmed from certain aspects of Jeff Garlin’s behavior according to some ex-employees. Jeff Garlin was in the habit of using gestures, language, and actions that some people found inappropriate. Like he would hug or touch people even if they were not comfortable with it.

Whether he stays or not, and Jeff Garlin believes that this could be the last season of The Goldbergs, he has a lot on his hands including Curb Your Enthusiasm on HBO where he is also an executive producer.

Garlin is also a part of Babylon, Damien Chazelle’s latest film also starring Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie.

Jeff has been a standup for nearly 4 decades and the Chicago native is on a tour, Use Me, in aid of comedy clubs.

Coming back to The Goldberg, Jeff Garlin says that he is also not trying to exit the show. He has his difference with Sony on what constitutes comedy, and being on the road for 40 years, he says that he has a right to be heard. He says that he and Sony are trying to come to an agreement and at the end of the day, they are the boss and they have every right to have the set the way they want, he says.