Restriction Of Abortion Rights: Supreme Court Indicates It Could Go Along With Mississippi’s Law

Texas Abortion Ban

Initial reports from the Supreme Court indicate that it could finally consent to a Mississippi ruling on Abortion Rights that allows abortion till 15 weeks. The ruling is anticipated in June and could lead to millions losing abortion rights and access to medical treatment.

Anti-abortion rights activists have urged the Supreme Court to shield the unborn child. But experts are worried that it could lead to a rise in maternal deaths if these rights are restricted in critical medical cases.

The lines are starkly divided on abortion rights as both sides regard the Mississippi case, well-known as Dobbs vs Jackson Women’s Health Organization to be an all-out fight on rights.

Lawyers who have defended the Mississippi ruling have petitioned the Supreme Court to reverse 2 past landmark decisions on abortion rights.

The first one in 1973, Roe vs Wade allowed US women absolute abortion rights during the initial 3 months after pregnancy, but rights were limited in the 2nd trimester.

In the 2nd ruling in 1992, Planned Parenthood vs Casey, the ruling was that states were not allowed to place an unjustified burden on those who sought abortion before the fetus could survive, which is around 24 weeks.

Republican Leaning Of Supreme Court Could Stifle Abortion Rights

With a 6 to 3 ratio, the Supreme Court stands as the most partisan in living memory leaning heavily towards the conservatives. Anti-abortion rights campaigners are hopeful of a new opening given the ideological makeup.

If the Supreme Court upturns Roe vs Wade, 21 states could bring in anti-abortion measures, which include an outright ban after 15 weeks.

Around half the number of American women of procreative age between 18 and 49 could lose access to abortion.

Anti-abortion campaigners say that unborn humans deserve equal protection.

But abortion-rights activists fear the possibility of restrictive laws on abortion. They say that abortion will still happen, but will become illegal and unsafe. There will be a spurt in maternal mortality, greater levels of poverty as parents are unable to take care of kids, and a spike in domestic violence.

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