Jeff Garlin Out Of The Goldbergs For Unacceptable Behavior On Set

jeff garlin
jeff garlin

The Goldbergs series lost a second regular when Jeff Garlin departed the long-running ABC comedy serial. One of the original star members of the Goldberg clan has been let go after multiple allegations of misconduct were brought against him.

An investigation by HR led to the final call. Sources said that Jeff Garlin and the producers of the show reached a mutual agreement to part ways. His exit comes into effect immediately. Representatives of Sony, the original producers of the comedy have not offered any explanation.

Jeff Garlin had a day more of shooting left from Season 9’s original 18 episodes. His schedule has been cut short. There are no words yet of a season 10 for The Goldbergs. The series has been one of the most durable comedy series in the ABC stables.

Veteran comedian Jeff Garlin addressed part of the allegations. He confirmed that there had been HR probes when he gave a wide-ranging interview to Maureen Ryan of Vanity Fair. He had then denied rumors that he had been booted out of the show.

Cast And Crew Member Of The Goldbergs Alleged That Jeff Garlin Could Be Abusive On The Show

Co-workers spoke earlier on the condition of anonymity. They had said that a conducive atmosphere on set changed the moment Jeff Garlin was present.

An employee alleged that Garlin was extremely emotionally and verbally abusive. Garlin had dismissed those allegations though he said that admitted that he went a bit too far with his brand of humor.

Employees alleged that he used offensive words and could be verbally abusive to his colleagues. Things finally got out of hand when he screamed at a co-worker for standing in his way. He then turned around and also abused her husband, who was also a part of the show.

Double and special effects could be used for the remaining part of the shooting. Executives met the remaining cast and crew to congratulate them on the episode’s 200th show.

One member of the cast said that it would feel surreal at his absence but the mood on the sets had turned buoyant when an executive announced that Jeff Garlin would not be back. There is also news that The Goldbergs have received an extension of episodes. That would make it 22 episodes in season 9.