Chrishell Stause Urges Blind Date From Selling Sunset To Move On

chrishell stause
chrishell stause

Episode 4 of Selling Sunset on Netflix features Chrishell Stause getting it all wrong on a blind date leading to an ugly spat with Optimum First Mortgage owner, Robert Drenk. While Drenk has accused Stause of being perplexed into playing a part in the storyline of that episode.

Drenk says that it was apparent that he was being set up. He says Chrishell Stause used him as a pawn in a game of chess. He said it was a lot awkward.

Drenk claims that he could sense a concerted effort from the 40-year-old Chrishell Stause, and the Netflix producers of the series to create a cat-and-mouse game between Drenk and Stause as they partied on the yacht.

Stause says that as the reality star was dancing with coworkers on the yacht, Drenk suddenly picked her and carried her away leaving the other people.

Drenk on his part says that he was told that it was a blind date and the two would have all the time in the world to get to know each other. Drenk said that the producers wanted the scene to have a date format.

Drenk Says He Went Along For The Date Only After Chrishell Stause Agreed To It

Drenk agreed to date Chrishell Stause after former pals Tarek El Moussa and Heather Rae suggested it. He says that he had meant no disrespect and the whole thing was awkward. He said he felt uninvited at the scene.

Drenk says he was mixed up as to why a woman would go on a date and then not give him even 2 seconds.

Drenk says that shortly afterward he reunited with his former girlfriend. He wished Jason and Chrishell Stause the best. He says it would just have been agreeable if he could know what really was taking place. He said there was no need to make him look like someone he wasn’t. perhaps it was all for the ratings, he says.

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