Jeff Tremaine Wins The Extension Order

Jeff Tremaine
Jeff Tremaine

Jeff Tremaine, the movie director of the upcoming American comedy, Jackass 4, won a permanent restraining case against the American stunt performer and television personality, Bam Margera. He was also a part of the MTV reality stunt show, Jackass as well as the franchise. 

Jeff Tremaine Threatened By Bam Margera

The restraining case was granted by the judge on the 15th of June. According to sources, it is for a span of about three years. The order also applies to Laura Tremaine, the wife of Jeff Tremaine, and two of their children. The Rockville-born director had approached the court to file for their restraining order against the 41-year-old artist after an incident. The director and his entire family had received death threats from him. One of the sources got hold of the threat messages that were sent by the 41-year-old artist in the form of screenshots.

The texts revealed him telling Jeff Tremaine that he would not hesitate to harm his children and that he means it from the core of his heart. The 54-year-old Tremaine was granted a temporary order on the 25th of May. The restraining order was scheduled to expire on the same day the order for three years was granted. 

Jeff Tremaine in the petition stated every harassment he had been facing from Margera. It was stated that he was extremely concerned about the safety of his family. The threats took place after Margera was thrown out of their upcoming project Jackass 4. The reason for this was because he abstained from following the provision of his contract in the month of June. The director also pointed out the fact that the artist made phone calls to one of the colleagues claiming that he possesses real wizard powers. He also claimed that he can summon “strike lightning.”