Woman hospitalized after being pushed by NYPD cop urges protesters to ‘be careful’

dounya zayer
dounya zayer

The lady who endured a concussion following being pushed by an NYPD cop Friday night — in fight viciousness caught on now-popular video — is encouraging New York dissidents to “be careful” this end of the week.

“I beg everyone who is going back out tonight to protest to be careful. This police want to make an example out of us. They want to prove that they can hurt us and get away with it. Prove them wrong,” tweeted Dounya Zayer, who was recorded on a video being thrown like a ragdoll by a police officer while protesting in Brooklyn.

Zayer was among thousands who took to the streets in Brooklyn and Manhattan in the tense and at times vicious protests over the death of George Floyd, the dark man who was killed in Minneapolis after a cop stooped on his neck during Floyd’s capture.

The NYPD is investigating the incident involving Zayer — is state Attorney General Letitia James as a major aspect of a more extensive audit requested by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who called conflicts with the police Friday night “disturbing.”

Zayer stated that the officer called her a “stupid b—h” then, threw her to the ground. Zayer stated that she smashed her head on the pavement’s stone and suffered from a concussion and a seizure.

“Them acting the way they acted [Thursday] isn’t helping the cause. It isn’t proving to us that they care about us,” she says in a video she posted on twitter from her bed in the hospital.

“I wasn’t aggressive towards the police officer — and even if I was, he should have had the self-restraint to not hurt the people he was supposed to be protecting,” she included. “That’s the point of being an officer.”

“We are all people,” she included.

More protesters have filled Manhattan and Brooklyn streets again Saturday. In Brooklyn, police flew a helicopter low over Bedford Avenue in Flatbush in a clear endeavor to subdue tense evening protesters there.

Mace was conveyed on protesters who didn’t move out of officials’ way.