Jen Shah To Undergo Mental Healthcare And Drug Tests Ahead Of Prison Date: Tests 15 Days After Prison Relief For RHOSLC Star

Jen Shah 
Jen Shah 

One month before Jen Shah’s prison time, a judge ordered the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City to undergo drug testing and mental healthcare. She has been ordered to surrender to authorities on February 17, when she is scheduled to begin serving her sentence at a federal prison in Texas.

Jen Shah has been condemned to 6.5 years in prison, which could be shortened for good behavior. She was found guilty of wire fraud and was ordered to surrender on February 17 to authorities in Texas. She will then undergo mental health treatment during the next 5 years of supervision after she eventually gets out of prison.

The probation officer assigned to Shah must sign off on the mental healthcare program she is required to undertake after her release. She will also be under drug testing a couple of weeks after she gets out of prison, and a further two tests at a later stage.

Jen Shah Was Sentenced For Wire Fraud And Money Laundering

Before she was sentenced, Shah apologized to the victims of her fraudulent scheme. It was a telemarketing scam that tricked victims to hand over money for false business opportunities.

In a statement, Jen Shah apologized for her actions that hurt innocent people. She said that she would do all she could to earn money and pay restitution. In addition to all this, Shah is under court order to make installment payments towards her restitution that amount to 15% of her gross income.

Fans of Jen Shah eagerly await her side of the story on pleading guilty to the fraudulent acts. She was sentenced to 78 months in prison. She and her assistant, Stuart Smith, were each charged with one count of conspiracy to commit money laundering and one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud.