Jennette McCurdy Confesses That She Was Jealous Of Ariana Grande In Her New Memoir

Jennette McCurdy
Jennette McCurdy

Jennette McCurdy, an American novelist, wants her former co-star Ariana Grande to read her latest book, I am Glad My Mom Died.

As is clear from the powerful title, Jennette McCurdy stated in her book that she is sincerely “happy” because if her mother were still living, she would still be bound and dependent on her for all major life decisions.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Jennette McCurdy talked openly about her unpleasant working relationships with Ariana Grande on Sam and Cat, admitting that she was jealous of the latter. The star admits that she and her mother had a difficult connection. Her being placed on a diet resulted in an eating disorder. Other than that, there were a number of private matters.

Jennette McCurdy Thought F- This After Ariana Left The Show To Be A Popstar

After her mother’s passing, she intended to leave the entertainment business. Jennette says that growing up in the spotlight was challenging since one’s reality is discredited and ignored. However, she may tolerate being seen by people in the present when she accepts herself for who she is.

Jennette McCurdy acknowledges having jealousy toward Ariana. Her primary worry was that Ariana was being written out of episodes so she could concentrate on her singing career and go to the Billboard Music Awards, and she had to turn down movies because of the show. According to her, Nickelodeon did not treat them equally. In a few instances, Jennette was told to act like Ariana was locked within a box as she played with it.

The “iCarly” star resented that she was praised for being a good sport during the entire episode. She felt more and more like she was not being a good sport every time someone called her one. She was broken by it, and she was at her breaking point. Although she had fantasies that her life would be different, it wasn’t. Her endeavor to overcome the trauma brought on by her time in the limelight via writing her book is part of her recovery process.