Gabrielle Union Is The Father Of The House

Gabrielle Union

Like a man, Gabrielle Union takes care of everything. Not like she is dominating anyone. But she doesn’t depend on her husband. 

Gabrielle Union is proud of the system in her house. She and her husband share everything. It’s more like a 50-50 situation. They both work to provide for one another and all the children.

They have a four years old daughter Kaavia. Union is married to NBA player Dwayne Wade. His three children also live with both of them. A family of six. She takes care of everything like a father of the house or the Man.

Gabrielle Union Didn’t Let Her Anxious Thoughts Take Over

It’s hard to keep your head in one space and take care of everything. Being a woman and head of the household is a huge role even in the 21st century. Gabrielle Union is the head of the household however she has the support of her husband.

He gives her immense unquestionable support which she is grateful for. She gets nervous when a movie doesn’t get as much success as she anticipated. She starts to wonder whether she will be able to take care of her family or not.

She is feeding four children. Gabrielle Union and her husband take care of all the finances together. Both of them invest 50-50. When things don’t go her way she often starts to spiral if she will be able to hold the family together. She has five people to feed.

It’s a hectic journey indeed. However, she tries to keep things peaceful. Gabrielle Union is trying to find new experiences along the journey she has chosen to take. Never letting her anxious thoughts take over her life. 

She and her husband gave birth to Kaavia in 2018 through surrogacy. She was a rainbow baby. Before she had eight miscarriages. That failure couldn’t stop her from being a mother.