Rachel Uchitel To Be Sued By Lawyers?

Rachel Uchitel
Rachel Uchitel

Rachel Uchitel was the love interest of the legendary golfer Tiger Woods. After a shocking turn of events that spilled several affairs of Woods, the duo got separated. Uchitel had her fair share of luck with the case. She felt back then that she was finally served justice. However, things might turn a little problematic for Rachel. She has claimed that the attorneys of Tiger Woods might come after her. The lawyers accused her of breaching a nondisclosure agreement that amounts to $8m. 

Rachel Uchitel Accused Of Breach Of Contract

Ex-partner of Tiger Woods might be in serious trouble. The lawyers of the renowned golfer have decided to file a lawsuit against Uchitel. She has been accused of breaching the NDA by speaking publicly about their affair. 

The nondisclosure agreement prevented Rachel from revealing any sort of information. She was reported to have agreed to the contract in return for a whopping amount. The lawyers promised Rachel to provide $8m. The initial $5m would be given instantly. the rest would be rolled out during the course of three years. 

However, Rachel Uchitel claimed that the promised amount was never received by her. She just got $2m from her stipulated $5m. The rest of the money was spent on judiciary bills. When she approached Woods’ lawyers for the remaining payment, they turned cold feet. This happened particularly because she chose not to keep shut. She publicly discussed her love life with Tiger Woods. She also mentioned signing the NDA which was strictly prohibited. 

Rachel Uchitel signed the contract way back in 2009. She made an appearance in “Celebrity Rehab” where she openly discussed her issues. This landed her in serious trouble. She got a call from Michael Holtz threatening to be sued. Rachel claimed that even after ten years, her life is being seriously impacted by the Tiger Woods episode.