Jennifer Granholm Wants To Remove Outdated ‘Infrastructure’ Meaning

Jennifer Granholm
Jennifer Granholm

Jennifer Granholm is the Energy Secretary of the United States of America. Recently on 11th April, Sunday, Granholm has asked the lawmakers to rethink the definition of ‘infrastructure’. This effort of the Democrats to develop the meaning has brought ridicule from the Republicans.

Joe Biden, US President, has lately proposed a massive infrastructure bill of a staggering $2 trillion. This bill will be an investment in several industries and sectors across the nation.

Rewriting Infrastructure Definition By Jennifer Granholm

The mammoth infrastructure proposed by Biden has been severely criticized for pushing the limits of what should be included under infrastructure. Meanwhile, the Democrats have been facing acute backlash.

On the other hand, Jennifer Granholm has not only supported the bill proposed by the Democrats but taken a step further. She has called for a need to redefine the meaning of the word infrastructure.

Jennifer Granholm has argued that back in 1990, broadband was not considered a part of infrastructure but now it is unimaginable not to include it. As a result, the definition must be modified every few years when the need arises.

Democrats have been stressing over the fact that the meaning of the word has to be updated in accordance with our 21st century. They have been asking the people to support this bill proposed by Biden. Kirsten Gillibrand tweeted that paid leave, child care, and caregiving must be included in infrastructure.

Although these thoughts and suggestions have been met with a barrage of acute criticism from the public, especially the Republicans. For instance, Jerry Dunleavy alleged Democrats intentionally expanding the definition. This is due to the reason that Democrats can then include anything under the spending list of infrastructure that is completely unrelated.