Sen. John Thune Running For Re-Election In 2022

John Thune
John Thune

John Thune is a Republican and a Senator from South Dakota. Recently he has been in the news for running for re-election. He has informed that he is confident of giving a tough fight even if Donald Trump, former President of the United States of America, runs against him.

Trump had labeled John Thune as a weak and ineffectual RINO towards the beginning of 2021. In response to this, Thune had said that he endured political wars in S.D. He had gone against the Democrats along with his party members to pursue a few difficult Senate races. As a result, he is not afraid of running against any tough competitor in the re-election of 2022.

Re-election campaign Of John Thune

John Thune has not yet made any official announcement of running for the re-elections and informed that he will make the necessary announcements when the time comes. On 11th April, Sunday, he stated that elections are campaigns are always and invariably very long and expensive.

He further added that the citizens of South Dakota might get weary of the campaigns. As a result, he had decided to focus on his work at the moment. However, if he decided to run for re-election, his decision will not be influenced by who the competitor is.

John Thune is the Minority Leader of the Senate and 2nd in command to Mitch McConnell. Trump had labeled him ‘Mitch’s boy’ several times. This is mainly due to the reason that McConnell has been a critic of Trump’s administration since the beginning. On the other hand, Trump has been vocally abusive towards McConnell.

Trump has also alleged that Thune is a Republican just in name and not in practice.

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