Rita Moreno’s Self Realization

Rita Moreno
Rita Moreno

Rita Moreno, the Puerto Rican actress, claimed that she was not happy with herself with the way she reacted towards the community of Black Latinx. This incident took place while she was speaking for Lin-Manuel Miranda, the American actor who was involved in a controversy. He was criticized for the act of colorism for his project, In the heights. It was a film adaptation of his musical that won the Tony award. 

Rita Moreno On Lin-Manuel Miranda

The 89-year-old “West Side Story” actress, gave a statement over the social media platform, Twitter. It was stated that she was highly “disappointed” in herself following what she said on the platform of the American late-night show, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. It was on the episode that aired on Tuesday. Rita Moreno said that she was not very proud of how she approached the criticism of Lin-Manuel Miranda. She further added that she was ignorant about the subject of Black Lives Matter when it came to the community of Latin.

The actress added that people easily forget that their celebrations may not be the same for others. It can also be a lament. The 41-year-old Oscar-winning actress had praised the works of Miranda. She had said that he was solely responsible for bringing the essence of Puerto Rica and Latin into the United States of America. So this is the reason why she could not criticize the artist.

Rita Moreno also told the 57-year-old host of the talk show, Stephen Colbert that she was thankful towards the criticized artist for producing her documentary. On hearing this, Colbert had asked her if she was of the view that the criticism was a misplaced one. To this, the actress replied by claiming that he should be left alone. She had also said that he was misunderstood.

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