Conagra Brands Inc. (NYSE:CAG) Bestowed With “Hold” Rating By Analysts

Conagra Brands
Conagra Brands

Conagra Brands, Inc. (NYSE:CAG) has been allotted a unanimous rating of “Hold” from 17 research organizations. The report issued on the shares by brokerages with one year target is $36.29.

In a report on December 8, Zack Investment Research increased Conagra Brands shares and converted to buy rating, setting a 37$ aim for them. Conagra’s shares were lowered by ValuEngine from sell rating to strong sell rating on November 2.

On Tuesday, CAG opened at $35.6. With $22.83 being the lowest and $39.34 being the highest, Conagra’s a multi-day moving normal of $35.80 and also of $36.00. The organization has a capitalization of  $17.41 billion, a PE ratio of 17.55, a PEG ratio of 2.00, and a beta of 0.85.

On October 6, Conagra Brands had last published its earnings. They recorded $0.70/share, going over Zacks’ unanimous rate of $0.57 by $0.13. CAG had an earning of $2.68 billion in comparison to analysts’ gauge of $2.61 billion. With a net margin of 8.77% and a profit of 15.77, their earnings increased to 12.1%. The business raked in $0.43 EPS in the quarter of the year before. Analysts state that CAG will post 2.52 EPS in the upcoming monetary year.

A Look at Conagra Brands’ Profit And Profile

Conagra Brands introduced a quarterly dividend which will be paid on March 3. Shareholders will receive a dividend of $0.275. CAG’s current payout is 48.25%.

Coming to institutional investors, JPMorgan Chase & Co. currently owns 2,895,846 shares of $102,743,000 after purchasing an extra1,194,470 shares last quarter. Tobam increased investment in  CAG  by 83,817.5%. Arrowstreet Capital Limited Partnership’s investment was worth $30,766,000. Ultimately, BlackRock Inc. increased its holding in Conagra Brands by 1.4%. It now has  35,701,452 shares, which are worth $1,274,900,000 after purchasing 503,608 shares .Hedge funds now own 73.06% of CAG’s stock.

Along with its auxiliaries, Conagra Brand functions as a customer packaged food organization based in North America. The Grocery & Snacks section mainly provides rack steady food items in several retail agencies in the country.

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