Donda All Set For Big Release

Kanye West
Kanye West

Donda will finally be released this month. After initial hiccups, Kanye West has managed to channel his album in the right direction. West had earlier organized two music premieres of the album. The first one was a grand event that featured many celebrities. Mentionable among them was Kim Kardashian. Kardashian was the ex-lover of West. She shares a healthy relationship with the rapper. The second event was streamed online from a stadium. West stated that some minor post-production work delayed the release. Fans and followers have been waiting eagerly for the album to release. Donda is all set to release on Thursday at the Soldier Field of Chicago. 

Donda Premieres Makes A Ton Of Money

Kanye West is overjoyed. He is very much happy to finally be able to release his album. The latest music release will be the third album of the renowned rapper. The album has already flourished financially. The past two premieres of the album have raised approximately $12.75 million. Both the events took place in Atlanta. 

The first event had an in-house attendance at the Mercedes-Benz stadium. The tickets were priced at $25-$100 for each individual. The second event was held online. It broke every record. The stream had a staggering 5.4million views. Revenue of $7million was raised from the sale of merchandise. 

Donda is a special album for Kanye West himself. The album is named after West’s mother. His mother was Donda West. The album is a tribute to his mother. Fans and followers have very high hopes for the album. It now remains to be seen whether it can live up to the expectation. According to a report from Forbes, West gained $22million in 2015. West was married to Kim Kardashian. The couple later got split in 2021.

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