Jennifer Lawrence Opens Up About The Trauma Of Having Her Nude Pictures Made Public

Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence has candidly revealed her trauma at having her nude pictures stolen and posted online. He says that the pain of the incident will stay forever.

The star of Don’t Look Up said in an interview that people can now view her personal pictures without her consent. It appears that someone in France has uploaded them online.

Jennifer Lawrence has been preparing to return to more public life after she put her professional career on hold to appreciate a personal life. But the constant breaches into her privacy, despite staying away from the limelight, pains her. She says that her trauma will remain forever.

Jennifer Lawrence Believes That The Incident Was A Crime And Not Merely A Scandal

Jennifer Lawrence was among several victims of privacy theft that included Kirsten Dunst and Kate Upton. She had commented on the deep intrusion into her privacy. She says that it was not merely a scandal, but a sexual violation and a crime. Jennifer said she was disgusted by the incident.

All 4 hackers involved in the crime have faced prison sentences in 2018 in the ‘celebrate photo hacking scandal. They served sentences ranging between 9 and 18 months.

Jennifer Lawrence expressed distress that the incident would have repercussions on her flourishing career. But her resolution to stay away from the limelight was personal.

Jennifer Lawrence says she believes that everyone, including herself, grew sick of her. She was under constant media watch, and she found that she was spending a lot of time just trying to please people. her intensely public life became a cause of anxiety to her.

Jennifer Lawrence reveals that she had got private security as she felt vulnerable and anxious being in a public place. But when she began dating her present husband, she realized that she could do without one. It was terrifying initially, but she learned to live a life without being shadowed by security men.