Jennifer Lopez’s Mother Has Things To Say About Bennifer Happening Again

jennifer lopez
jennifer lopez

If you have glanced over the tabloids even once in the previous month, then you must have seen the rumors surrounding Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. The couple, also known as Bennifer, has apparently rekindled the romance between them.

Nothing Has Been Confirmed By Jennifer Lopez

For those who are hearing this for the first time, here is a brief refresher. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez had first dated at the beginning of the 21st century. They had even gone as far as getting engaged. However, in 2004, the couple broke off the engagement abruptly.

However, in the month that has just gone by, both of their committed relationships had come to an end. Then rumors and photos surfaced that the two had united once more. The couple was first spotted together spending some time in Los Angeles. Of course, the entertainment world was quite surprised.

Presently, even though there has been confirmation, Bennifer is back on again. In that sense, Guadalupe Rodriguez, the mother of Jennifer Lopez, has spoken about the reunion.

Last week, Rodriguez was spotted in the company of Affleck after finishing a shoot at a set in Las Vegas. Apparently, it is an Affleck-directed film in which Rodriguez features as a comic cameo. On that point, a source claimed that when they first dated, Jennifer Lopez’s mother and Affleck were quite close. As such, she was disheartened when the couple decided to go their separate ways. So she is now “thrilled” to see them reunited.

For Jennifer Lopez as well, her mother is very important. She often posts pictures with her on her social media. So she is glad to see the two getting along. The source claimed that the two loved gambling and spent some time at Wynn Hotel. So, it is safe to say, that the rebirth of Bennifer has the approval of Jennifer Lopez’s mother.

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