NASCAR All-Star Race Ends With Kyle Larson Taking The Checkered Flag


George Strait had once sung about the bright and big stars that can be seen at night in Texas. In the NASCAR All-Star Race, Kyle Larson, in his first season with Hendrick Motorsports, is living up to being such a star.

NASCAR All-Star Race Sees Larson’s Form Continue

On Sunday night’s NASCAR All-Star Race, Larson continued with his blazing hot streak at the Motor Speedway in Texas. He took over the race lead in the last round after overtaking Chase Elliott. Then, he defended a hard charge from Brad Keselowski marvelously to cross the finish line first in the NASCAR All-Star Race.

This is the second consecutive time that Larson had competed and won this particular race. He had won the race previously in 2019 when he had taken part in it. The victory also marks the 3rd consecutive week in which Larson had won an event in a Cup Series. However, this race does not have any points on offer.

Larson took the top spot in a race that lasted for 100 laps. Shuffling happened multiple times because of inversions. This flipped the order in which the cars were running through every six rounds over which the race was held. Cars from Hendrick Motorsports were the dominant force on the field again. Larson, Chase Elliott, William Byron, and Alex Bowman all finished near the front of the pack.

Larson later explained that their second run was quite poor. He was moving backward and an uphill battle awaited him. He did not think he would win the race but he praised the hard work the crew had put in. He said that their adjustments got him the positions.

The last restart was the defining moment. Larson had moved to Elliott’s outside even as Chase was trying to take the lead from Ryan Blaney. Then, even with a daring move from Keselowski, Larson managed to hold it in front.

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