Jennifer Lopez Said That Living Out Loud With Partner Ben Affleck Ultimately Bit Them

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez talked with the Vogue about how her relationship went with her husband Ben Affleck back in the 2000s went. JLo reflected On her time in the eyes of the paparazzis over the years.

Lopez, 53, stated in the Dec cover story of Vogue, which was released on Tuesday, she had the mindset that she could say or accomplish anything in the beginning of her career.

Jennifer Lopez said that she was from the Bronx, and people who did not say what they thought there. Addressing to the attention that she got in here relationship with Ben Affleck, JLo said to Vogue that they were very young back then, and they were madly in love with each other. She said that they were carefree with no attachments or kids to hold them back. Jennifer Lopez said that they were living the lives being happy. She said that they never needed to hide anything from anyone.

Jennifer Lopez Opens About Relationship With Ben Affleck In The Early 2000’s:

She went on saying that they were living too loud and it bit them in the later stages. There was a lot that went under the surface. People back them wanted them to be together, but some people according to Jennifer Lopez also thought they were not the right person for each other.

Lopez added to that saying that it become very guarded as they realized that this living out loud will slowly make fillets of you.

Concluding her statement about that Jennifer Lopez said that she wished to share more about it, she has been like that, but she has learned from the past.

The Marry Me star also talked about getting back in touch with Affleck, with someone whom she had a brief engagement in the 2000s prior their breakup. They eventually reconciled almost 20 years later, stating “I do” in Vegas this last summer while having a ceremony in Georgia little over a couple of months later to officially celebrate their marriage in the presence of friends and family.