Barcelona Fails Yet Again

ronald koeman
ronald koeman

Barcelona seems to have left their golden days far ahead. The exit of Leonel Messi seems to have dug up an irreplaceable hole in the lineup. Gone are the days when Barcelona was a force everyone feared. Their unique style of football mesmerized football fans for more than a decade. Their trademark passing game, famously known as “Tiki Taka” was adopted by many. 

However, all of that appears to be a distant memory now. The Catalans have been struggling a lot in recent years. However, there was one man that usually bailed them out of difficult situations. Leo Messi was the living legend of Barca. He guided the team like a guardian. Last-minute goals, assists were a regular phenomenon that used to save Barcelona the blushes. 

The team is feeling the loss as they continue to plunge further down the league standings. In their latest match, the Catalan club surrendered to Atletico Madrid. Let us know more about the match below. 

Barcelona Bows Out To Atletico Madrid

The going is getting tough for Barca. They have been performing well below their standards recently. They seemed to hit an all-time low when they lost 2-0 to Atletico Madrid recently. Goals from Thomas Lemar & Luiz Suarez sealed the game for the Madrid club. 

Ironically enough, it was Luis Suarez of all people. He was the player that the Barca management left out. He was considered to be unfit for the team’s composition. The person behind this decision was Ronald Koeman. 

Ronald Koeman did not have a pleasant outing as the manager of Barcelona. He has failed to improve the club’s performance. Discussions have been going on about the manager’s exit. This shock defeat only pushed him further down the brink. The management has to act quickly and make an attempt to restore the club’s lost glories.