Eric Garcetti’s Position Among The Senate Yet To Be Decided

Eric Garcetti

Eric Garcetti has a questionable past. His past probably wouldn’t allow him a position in the senate house. He is the former mayor of Los Angeles. Served in the democratic party.While his active years as a governor were not the kind anyone would appreciate. He has many legal charges against him. His charges might not let him be in the senate house. His own communication director is not at all happy with him.

Eric Garcetti Is Not Fit For The Ambassador

Eric Garcetti has currently many active cases against him. Including many for being ignorant mayors. He has ignored many sexual allegations cases while he was the mayor of LA. Something happened right before his eyes and remained silent. He was ignorant all along. Everything took place at his office. Not only sexual harassment in the workplace but also bullying.

Garcetti’s own members are in a dire position whether to vote for him or not. So far two republicans and democrats have voted for him. If Eric Garcetti wins he would be the next foreign ambassador for India. This win would permanently his position in the Senate.

The foreign relations committee has approved Garcetti’s nomination. There is still doubt about the whole process succeeding. Senator of the democratic party Kirsten Gillibrand of New York City said she would definitely support Eric Garcetti’s nomination. Only if would bring back the lost confidence in him.

Whereas, Naomi Seligman called Garcetti unfit for the position. Further said he cannot be holding his public office in this country. For worse not even in this world. The beef between Naomi Seligman and Eric Garcetti is still unknown. White House has been loyal to Eric Garcetti because he proved his loyalty to his party. As a matter of the fact, other democrats have been forced to vote for Garcetti.