Joe Biden’s New Plans To Contain The Spread Of Coronavirus

Build Back Better Joe Biden
Build Back Better

Joe Biden, the President of the United States of America, is entering the new season with a new policy with regard to controlling the spread of the coronavirus pandemic in the country. It is to be noted that the country is still struggling with the increased cases among the citizens. In order to make things better, both health-wise as well as economically, the President is taking a few steps. The President will be placing an initiative for fresh mandates with regard to the coronavirus vaccines. It is also to include some programs in order to test if one is infected or not. All these steps are being taken in order to control the spread of the pandemic in the country.

Joe Biden’s New Provisions

The plan that is to be introduced by the President belonging to the Democratic Party, Joe Biden, has a total of six phases. It is to be unveiled on the 9th of September that falls on a Thursday. It was still not ready on the final days of submission. It was worked on by President Joe Biden as well as the members belonging to his team concerned with “public health.” 

A briefing was given by a response team concerned with the situation of the coronavirus pandemic. It took place on the 8th of September that fell on a Wednesday in the White House Oval Office. In the briefing, the concerned officials gave a statement on the new steps that are anticipated by them. One of the sources has confirmed the new provisions that are to be introduced as part of the plan that is yet to be introduced by Joe Biden, the American President.

It has been stated that it will vaccinate all those people who are still not vaccinated. The ones who are already inoculated will be given booster shots, testing will be increased for safety, schools will remain open, mask mandates will be strengthened, and the overall health of the citizens, as well as the economy of the country, will be focused on.