Saint Peter’s Have Shocked Purdue And The Whole Community

saint peter's
saint peter's

The latest chapter for the Saint Peter’s has begun pretty strongly- from the peace and quiet of a Wells Fargo Center and directly in the limelight. The Peacocks have certainly deserved it, with the magical March Madness run already catapulting them to success. The team has already gotten used to popularity, but a bunch of cameramen stepping into the arena to film them- does seem like success. Interestingly, even the team was quite stunned at this- with several players turning back and stumbling in surprise at this latest development. 

Saint Peter’s Have Made History

Then the team from Saint Peter’s into a locker room, and then went on to tug on a bunch of warmup shirts with three different bold words that were printed on the front- MORE IS POSSIBLE. And when they stepped on the field on Friday night, they proved that more was indeed possible over two-plus hours.

The team completely shocked Purdue– the third-seeded side with a score of 67-64, in a Sweet 16 game that most oddsmakers never thought would be this close. They then turned out to be the first No.15 seed to clinch a game in the NCAA tournament- especially in the third round. Although they would be going head-to-head against North Carolina in the Elite Eight, they first have quite a lot of time to celebrate. 

After the win, the players of Saint Peter’s dashed across the floor in jubilation. The Drame twins, Fousseyni and Hassan, dropped to their knees in the center of the court and started praying. The hero of the team, Doug Ebert, then cleared off a courtside table and then climbed it- after which he saluted a section of the alums and students as they had been a part of this unbelievable victory. 

The coach, the team, and the staff of Saint Peter’s need to be credited for this victory. Just a week back, they were virtually nobodies, eccentric upstarts who were going beyond their skill set. And now, they have made history.