Stimulus Check Update- Is The Biden Administration Issuing More Relief?

Stimulus check
Stimulus Check

The last holiday weekend did bring out multiple reports that the Biden administration had been considering a few options for stimulus check payments.

This was supposed to address the rise in gas prices. According to the Washington Post, the President mentioned that he would be making a decision regarding the gas tax holiday by the end of the week. This would ideally save around 18.4 cents per gallon at the pump for the American citizens. As mentioned by the news outlet, Joe Biden was definitely considering such a move which would be based on the data.

Stimulus Check Gas Rebate Could Be Issued By Joe Biden

The gas tax holiday would remove all taxes on the price of gasoline- but the President has also started considering the usage of rebate cards in the form of stimulus check payments- which would definitely be another option that would be providing Americans with much-needed relief at the pump. About the cards, Biden mentioned them to be parts that they were considering and thinking about implementing. 

Stimulus check rebate cards were considered quite a few months ago. And according to a report that was published in The Washington Post- the cards are being reconsidered as well. Though the gas tax holiday could be more likely- with the US chip shortage making it hard for everyone to produce enough cards. 

Regardless, the gas tax holiday would also need a major form of congressional action when debating the possibilities of a stimulus check payment with the Senate divided on the matter among quite a few others in providing Americans direct relief.

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