Jesse Palmer To Host The Latest Season For “Bachelor”

Jesse Palmer
Jesse Palmer

Jesse Palmer is over the moon at the moment. He has been asked to host the latest season of “Bachelor”. Palmer has expressed his ecstasy on receiving the news. Palmer is an established actor who is of Canadian origin. He is a man of many talents. Palmer played as a quarterback before he switched to acting. He was also a fantastic commentator with exceptional narrative skills. Later he focused his attention on full-time acting and modeling. He contested in the fifth edition of ” Bachelor” and won the show. Jesse Palmer was very much glad when he was asked to host the twenty-sixth edition of the show. Let us learn more about the story below. 

Jesse Palmer Agrees To Host Bachelor Season 26 

When ABC proposed to Palmer, he was shell-shocked. It was like a dream come true moment for the actor. He instantly agreed to the proposal to host the show that he was previously a part of. The ABC announced the good news on social media via a post on Twitter. They welcomed the star back and confirmed his involvement with the show as the host. 

The iconic show was hosted by Chris Harrison. He was in charge of the show for almost two decades. However, he was stripped of the role when he supported a racist contestant. He resigned from his role in early February this year. Harrison later admitted his mistake in an interview with Good Morning America. 

Jesse Palmer developed a romantic relationship with Jessica Bowlin. Both of them brewed up chemistry from the show itself. However, the relationship did not last long and ended soon after. Palmer has a lot of experience as a host. He has been a host to shows like ” The Proposal”. The latest season of Bachelor will be aired on television next year.