Quota Limits Introduced In California

Quota Limits
Quota Limits

A new rule was introduced in the state of California with regard to the quota limits. As per the details of the rule, mega-retailers are barred from firing the workers belonging to warehouses if they miss their quotas that are interconnected to the rest and bathroom breaks. This rule got the approval of Gavin Newsom, the governor of the state. It was done on the 22nd of September that fell on Wednesday. 

Quota Limits- Details

The newly introduced quota limits in the state of California directly apply to Amazon, the retail giant as well as other companies. From now on, they will not be allowed to take any action against their workers if the workers follow some laws of safety and health. The employees are now empowered to take action against those quotas that are unsafe for them. This new bill of quota limits will be applicable to all the centers of warehouse distribution within the state. This takes place although the stakeholders were driven by the dominance of Amazon, the retail giant.

A new release took place where the Democratic governor of the state gave a statement on the newly introduced law. It was stated that the reason for doing so was to safeguard the people’s rights. And in order to prevent the private giants from exploiting the workers so that they earn more profits.

The official name given to the quota limits law is “AB 701.” The author behind it is Lorena Gonzalez. She is one of the former leaders of labor organizations, a lawyer, and an Assemblywoman from the Democratic Party. She directly accused the online private giant, Amazon, of carrying out some unhealthy practices towards their customers. She claimed that Amazon was compelling its workers to put their health at risk.     

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