Jake Gyllenhaal Missed Zoolander Role By A Whisker

Jake Gyllenhaal
Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal missed the opportunity of playing Hansel narrowly. The role of Hansel is a role that almost every actor dreams of playing. Gyllenhaal came tantalizingly close to fulfill that dream. Jake is a renowned actor in America that has many hits under his belt. One of the most recent characters portrayed by Gyllenhaal is Mysterio. The spiderman villain has been largely praised for his brilliant acting. However, that did not guarantee him the prized role of Hansel. Hansel, in Zoolander, was played by Owen Wilson. Let us learn more about the incident below. 

Jake Gyllenhaal Missed Out On Hansel

According to the director of the film, Gyllenhaal was never his initial choice. Owen Wilson was approached at once for playing the part of Hansel. However, Jake was on the list of backups for the character. Ben Stiller stated that the production finalized the name of Gyllenhaal in case Owen had to pull out. 

Many actors wanted to grab the opportunity to portray Hansel. Among all the others, the acting skills of Jake Gyllenhaal caught the eyes. The members immediately shortlisted him as a probable backup to Owen. Unfortunately for Jake, Owen went through with his role without any problems. Stiller recalled her experience from the auditions of the film. He stated that he distinctively remembers Jake’s audition. Ben stated that he saw enough potential in young Jake. The director jokingly termed him as Hansel with big, wide eyes. 

Another actor missing out on the opportunity to get a role in the film was Andy Dick. He auditioned for the character of Mugatu. Stiller’s preliminary draft had Andy being casted as Mugatu, but Will Ferell ultimately got the role. Jake Gyllenhaal however, does not regret not getting the role. He has proved his worth as an actor and has gone on to become an extremely successful individual. 

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