JFK Assassination Documents Disclosure Postponed

JFK Assassination Documents
JFK Assassination Documents

The Oval Office has postponed the disclosure of the JFK Assassination Documents citing the significant impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. This was announced late Friday when the official spokesperson for the White House stated that the release of the documents that involved the assassination of President John F. Kennedy had been delayed even further.

The current President has already gone ahead and issued a memo that implied that the national archivist had recommended that he direct two major releases of the information out to the public. The first release would be an interim release for this year- with the second coming as a more comprehensive release in the latter half of 2022. 

JFK Assassination Documents Postponed

The memo for the JFK Assassination documents mentioned that the coronavirus pandemic had indefinitely slowed down the process of reviewing whether the redactions would still be meeting the statutory standard of issuings. The memo was also a major part of the commitment of the administration in order to ensure accountability as well as transparency in the federal government- which was stated by a spokesperson in an interview with CNN on Saturday. 

The spokesperson further informed CNN that the President had also gone ahead and directed the National Archives to bring out a complete plan which would help digitize the entire collection- which involves more than 300,000 records- to democratize the JFK assassination documents while allowing the public to find them online. 

The JFK assassination documents would be the latest in a huge horde of documents that have gone public over the last couple of decades. This has allowed researchers an opportunity to peruse the records- which are not only restricted to the assassination of John F. Kennedy- but also several other topics.