Virginia Gubernatorial Race Calls For Aware Democrats

Virginia Gubernatorial Race
Virginia Gubernatorial Race

Former President Barack Obama has called for voters in the state of Virginia to shake off their exhaustion and participate in the Virginia Gubernatorial Race. This came out in his first-in-person foray for the campaign trail in 2021- as he asked the citizens to not be tired- and be completely aware of the political climate that surrounded them.

Obama went in strong- supporting the Democratic nominee Terry McAuliffe while lambasting his Republican counterpart Glenn Youngkin by repeatedly mocking the Republican candidate for a disconnect between how he portrayed himself, and how his policies portrayed him.

Obama Lights Up The Virginia Gubernatorial Race 

In his comments, Obama repeatedly slammed Youngkin for the rally which took place in the early part of the month when the organizers of the Republican end for the Virginia Gubernatorial Race pledged allegiance to a flag that had been used for the insurrection on the 6th of January.

He stated that it was quite hypocritical of the Republicans to portray themselves as fleece-wearing, dish-washing folks when they would rather support those who would seek to tear down the fabrics of democracy that the country is built on. 

The Republican candidate for the Virginia Gubernatorial Race, Youngkin used the previous run Carlyle Group, a large equity firm- where he ran quite a number of advertisements which showed him doing housework or shooting hoops. Obama went ahead and took potshots at the ads, claiming that every time a wealthy individual would run for office, the main part of their campaign would be to show how much of a regular person they were. 

In the Democratic rally for the Virginia Gubernatorial Race, the supporters of McAuliffe booed at the mention of the Republican opponent- leading Obama to use a phrase that he had previously used in the early part of his political career- don’t boo, vote. 

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