Jennifer Aniston Admits Jenifer Lopez To Be Her Inspiration

jennifer aniston
jennifer aniston

Jennifer Aniston has admitted that JLo was her inspiration. She stated that despite being in the industry for so long she still lacked perfection. Aniston credited Lopez for her flawless style. She heaped praises on JLo. Aniston continued that Lopez had a fluid grace in her that made her stand out. She was also very beautiful. 

Jennifer Aniston Flaunts Her Toned Legs For A Shoot

Jennifer Aniston did a photoshoot for InStyle. She flaunted her perfectly toned legs in front of the camera. Though Aniston looked stunning in the clicks, she felt she lacked perfection. Her idol was Jennifer Lopez. Both the stars were of identical ages. JLo & Aniston both were 52 years of age. 

Aniston takes a particular liking to JLo. She feels that apart from being very much beautiful, Lopez was effortless. She felt that Lopez has mastered the art of posing. Aniston was all praises for Lopez’s elegance and style. Both the actresses have not yet worked together. But they seem to share a good ratio. Both of them were spotted having chats at various functions. 

Jennifer felt that it was important to look for the best version of yourself at the stage. She stressed the importance of having a good stylist. Aniston also emphasized having quality bondings. She discussed her openness to interact with people. She felt interaction would make it easier for both parties to work smoothly. 

Jennifer Aniston reflected on her life journey. She remembered being brought up in a very strict background. She was taught to value her work and harness knowledge from it. Aniston worked at a hotel for many years. She finally got her to break in an advertisement. The advertisement was for Bob’s Big Boy. Aniston got this stint after auditioning 900 times. Jennifer Aniston was shot to fame for her role in “Friends”. She played Rachel in the show. 

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