Jim Clyburn Of The US House Of Representatives Contradicts His Own Nazi Statement

Jim Clyburn
Jim Clyburn

Jim Clyburn is an American politician serving as a Majority Whip and a third-ranking Democrat in the House of Representatives from South Carolina’s sixth district.

Jim Clyburn Predicts A Bleak Future If Autocrats Come To Power

Over the weekend Jim Clyburn said in an interview with a news media house that the US was on track to repeat the same mistakes that Nazi Germany had done in 1930. He points the blame to far-right extremism. As he had studied and taught History all his life it was easy for him to draw parallels.

In the November 8 mid-term elections a number of election deniers from the Republicans are questioning the legitimacy of President Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 elections. The presence of so many 2020 election deniers in the 2022 races presents a threat to American Democracy, as the winners would play a major role in shaping elections in 2024 and beyond. This will lead to the rise of autocracy.

Jim Clyburn also went on to say that if America loses its status as a democracy it will spell doomsday for the world.

When cornered about his Nazi comment he said he misspoke.

The world did exist before and after Hitler. it is just that America will no longer be the same country as it was previously.

Though it is a little far-fetched to think America would walk on the same path as the Nazis. They were barbaric. They had killed over six million Jews without batting an eyelid.

Jim Clyburn’s main concern is if people who had no faith in the 2020 elections come to power they may not do justice to the running of the country with their approach and viewpoints. That would be hazardous 

to the welfare of the country.