Jim Harbaugh Moves On To Take Over The LA Chargers

Jim Harbaugh

Jim Harbaugh is back in the National Football League as the head coach of the Los Angeles Chargers. He departs Michigan after his 9th season of the best record in college football. He brought the school its first national champions since 1997

The news came through inside information as the Chargers have not made an official announcement on Jim Harbaugh’s appointment. Over the last decade, Jim Harbaugh’s name has become synonymous with intensity, passion, and an enduring love for the game. He is among the most successful and recognized names in college football in the US.

His journey has taken Harbaugh from the NFL playgrounds to the sanctified halls of Michigan University, his alma mater. He is the head coach there at present. In his playing days, Jim Harbaugh was nicknamed the Captain. In his eminent college career, he holds many passing records> He also was titled the ‘Runner.’

Jim Harbaugh’s Greatest Achievement Was With His Alma Mater

His success led him into the hallowed precincts of the NFL. He was enlisted by the Bears in the 1st round and played for 14 seasons with the Baltimore Ravens, Indianapolis Colts, Bears, Chargers, and Lions. His career at the NFL has been one of unwavering determination and resilience. But he would strengthen his legacy with his coaching stint.

Jim Harbaugh began his coaching journey in 2004 with the San Diego Toreros. He immediately affected this university’s performance, leading them to two conference championships and also vastly improving their national rankings.

He moved to Stanford in 2007 and helped them win 3 bowl games. This included a win in 2011 over the Orange. But his greatest achievement has been his emotional return to Michigan as its head coach. And he successfully accepted the challenge to restore the Wolverines to their past glory. It was an achievement that had eluded them for decades.