Xavi Says Mental Fatigue And Disrespect Behind Reason To Quit Barca At End Of Season


Xavi appeared close to breaking point when he spoke to his players after another defeat for his team. Later he spoke to reporters and told them that he would step down as head coach towards the end of this season. The decision came even as Barcelona lost 5-3 on Saturday to Villarreal.

Xavi had barely slept a couple of hours overnight. He called the Barca players and apologized for his decision to speak to reporters that he would be stepping down without first speaking to them.

Xavi has said that his decision was beneficial for everyone. He said that the players would play more freely now after being relieved of a burden. His players applauded his speech even as Xavi appeared close to breaking down several times as he spoke.

Xavi Has Given His All To The Team But It Has Not Brought In Results

Barcelona are now behind arch-rivals Real Madrid, the present league leaders by ten points. They now have very slender hopes of a chance at retaining their top position in 2024. The present manager will be with the Catalan team for the remaining season. But the team will have to search for Xavi’s successor as the team starts to start from scratch for the next season (2024-25).

Xavi has struggled of late to keep up the spirit in the team after their recent defeat in the Supercopa and their Copa del Rey exit. They have also slipped up badly in the national league. He will need to get Barca to their regular winning ways as they take on Osasuna on Wednesday in their next La Liga game.

The manager has always given his body, heart, and soul to the club both as a player and its coach. The legend has realized that managing is a totally different game with challenges and many outside factors to consider. While his approach has not brought in the desired results, it would be wrong to consider his tenure as a failure.