Jim Jordan’s FBI Informants Appear In Public Before Congress, But Their Veracity Is Still Under Scrutiny

Jim Jordan
Lawmaker confronts Jim Jordan for not saying election was fair

At a House hearing on Thursday, three self-proclaimed FBI informers who have been crucial to the Republican record that the agency is used as a weapon opposite conservatives testified. This is the most recent development in Chairman of Judiciary Jim Jordan’s probe into claims of bias and discrimination inside the FBI.

Had been informed by the FBI the subcommittee in a letter received by the media on Wednesday that it had abrogated the security authorization of the 3 agents who had either participated in the US Capitol riot on 6th January 2021 or had advanced competing narratives about the attack. The hearing took place the following day. 

Jim Jordan’s Informers Still Placed Under The Microscope

Steve Friend and Marcus Allen, 2 of these agents, were among those who gave testimony in front of the board on Thursday.

The statements made by what Jim Jordan, a Republican from Ohio, calls several whistleblowers function as the foundation for his committee’s findings that the Justice Dept. and the FBI have gotten more political in the past few years, according to Jordan. However, the first people who met with Jordan’s subcommittee for interviews behind closed doors at the beginning of 2023—including a few among the informers who would testify in front of the public at the recent session—became a prompt point in the board’s investigation as Democrats questioned their status as informers and the veracity of their statements.

During the session, Jim Jordan was questioned by Del. S. Plaskett, the chairwoman of the subcommittee on weaponization, about whether Democrats could see the statement from Allen’s interview with committee Republicans. To the surprise of Democrats, Jim Jordan did not agree to provide the video or transcript of the interview.

According to Jordan, Allen was uneasy inviting them to the interview and claimed that, in the case of whistleblowers, Democrats are not authorized to all of the information gathered.