Jim Jordan’s first FBI Whistleblowers Will Face Scrutiny

Jim Jordan
Lawmaker confronts Jim Jordan for not saying election was fair

Jim Jordan is trying to prove that the federal government has been weaponized against the conservatives of the house.

Jim Jordan, the judiciary chairman for the republican is claiming many whistleblowers came to his office with some stories of bias and discrimination.

While we only know very little about it, the reliance of the chairman on the whistleblowers is coming out as a flashpoint as the dems of the house has raised questions about the legitimacy of these people and how relevant their testimonies are.

Three among the witnesses of Jim Jordan came in for interviews with the committee staff and they are yet to find one person who can validate the claims of protecting the whistleblowers. A person alleged that there were some wrongdoings by the FBI as they have rejected their claims. Another person is already retired and there are confusions about if he has any knowledge of these violations. The third person among the whistleblowers presented in front of the committee staff was unable to reveal any direct disclosures as per the transcriptions.

Jim Jordan’s First FBI Whistlebolower Is Going To Face Scrutimy:

Some other whistleblowers were absent in the interview session and they were suspended from the organization for being present in the Jan 6 Capitol. As per some familiar sources, Jim Jordan did not shied away from these information. Jordan in his letter said that as far as he knows none of these people were in the Jan 6, 2021 capitol or been charged with any crime.

For over a year, jim Jordan has made allegations based on the testimony of whistleblowers. It has been a central part of the campaign. He claims these to be political bias inside the government.