Naftali Bennett, New PM Of Israel Calls For Unity Inside The Nation!

Naftali Bennett
Naftali Bennett

Naftali Bennett, the new PM of Israel has vowed and promised to incorporate unity inside the nation. Israel has been frayed by a political stalemate for many years now. Naftali Bennett also promised that his administration will be responsible for each and every people of Israel. He has stated his priorities to be major reforms in health, education while cutting down on unnecessary red tape. 

Naftali Bennett Promises New Reforms In Health And Education Sectors!

The nationalist of the right-wing party leads a massive coalition consisting of many parties. On Sunday, this coalition won a vote of confidence by a very thin margin. The thin margin was just 1 seat. Following a reign of 12 years, Benjamin Netanyahu got forced and pressured out of the Prime Minister’s Office. Naftali Bennett is all set to succeed Benjamin Netanyahu. Yamina Party’s leader, Mr. Bennett will hold office as the new prime minister of Israel until 2023 September. This is a significant portion of the deal of power-sharing which took place between the partners of the coalition.

After 2023 September, Naftali Bennett will hand over his office to the Atid party’s head Yair Lapad for another two years. Yair Lapad is the leader of the Yesh Atid party, a centrist party inside the coalition. Mr. Netanyahu, who has been the prime minister of Israel for 12 years, will be the head of the Likud Party, the right-wing party.

He will be the new opposition’s leader. Benjamin Netanyahu has been the Prime Minister of Israel for the longest term. After shaking his hand, and walking over to Naftali Bennett, Benjamin Netanyahu promised that they will return to the government soon. He also mentioned the same in the debate of Sunday which took place inside the Knesset, the parliament of Israel in Jerusalem.