Coach Jimbo Fisher Goes: Athletic Director Explains Program Stuck

Jimbo Fisher

Texas A&M director Ross Bjork had stuck by football coach Jimbo Fisher despite a substandard season last year in an interview with ESPN. They had a disappointing 5-7 season earlier, but Bjork had said that you can’t be a blow-by-the-wind program in deciding and still expect to win championships.

The axing was thoroughly deserved, Bjork feels, citing apprehension over the leadership and the consistency of the university football program. At a Sunday evening press conference, he was describing the swift developments that led to Jimbo Fisher being fired. Bjork said that the Texas A&M program was struck in neutral. The athletic director said that the team needed to be relevant in the national context, but something was failing to click. He joined A&M after Jimbo Fisher was hired in 2017.

Bjork Said That Jimbo Fisher Was Exhibiting A Lack Of Leadership

He said that there were several glaring flaws in the system and he attributed them to what he described as a lack of leadership. He hinted at a lack of leadership and said that in the final count, it was about confidence, consistency, and positivity. Bjork met Texas A&M interim President Mark Welsh after a 38-35 defeat to the University of Mississippi last week. His assessment was that the team was not reaching its full potential and the team lacked both plan and direction.

Bjork had the backing of Welsh in his decision to oust Fisher. The decision was made and despite A&M’s win over Mississippi State, Jimbo Fisher was relieved of his duty after a meeting with Bjork at Kyle Field. Bjork said the conversation was quick and cordial. Elijah Robinson, associate head, was appointed the interim head coach replacing Jimbo Fisher. Bjork said that the appointment of Robinson was well-received by the players.

But relieving Jimbo Fisher was expensive and A&M will have to pay out close to $77 M as a buyout. Bjork owed accountability for the colossal extension granted to Jimbo Fisher but said that the athletic department of the university had the money to tackle the buyout. He assured that the athletic program of A&M would not be affected.

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